SETUP – Enter Norton Setup Product Key – Everyone wants to protect their device from cyber-attacks and internet malicious sites and programs. If your device contains your private and banking information then your data should be well secured by reliable security software. When it comes to antivirus programs, then Norton comes into our mind. Norton security program is pretty affordable and considered as a premium security suite. You can buy your Norton subscription from

How to Download and Install Norton on Your Computer?

norton com setup
Here’s is how to download and install Norton antivirus to your device:

Launch your favorite internet browser, type on the URL dialogue bar.
When the site loads, press on Sign In to your account.
Head to the Norton Download link located on Get Started page.
Tap the Agree and Download button.
Afterward, hit the button Save to download the Norton antivirus on your computer.
The program will start downloading, the time of downloading Norton depends on your connection speed.
Once the setup downloads, make sure to launch the Norton setup from the Downloads folder of your equipment.
Now if asked for confirmation then press yes.
Read the license agreement and then Accept it.
Now press the Install button to initiate the installation.
Now the program is installed into your device and ready to be used. To access Norton, security simply double-click the Norton desktop icon and then you can run the full system scan for once. The full system scan is very useful for identifying and removing hidden viruses and malicious programs from your device.

Norton Activation Guide
Whether you buy Norton online or offline the process is almost identical apart from locating the product key. Here is how to activate Norton subscription by redeeming your activation key:

Turn on your equipment in which you want to install and activate Norton.
Open an internet browsing application like Chrome or Firefox and then head to “”.
Once the main site appears, go to the “Create an Account” option. Enter the required details for making a new Norton account.
Without Norton’s account, you can’t redeem your product key to activate the Norton plan. With the help of the Norton account, you can reinstall the Norton antivirus without losing your subscription.
Once the account is created, make sure you are logged in with your account.
Head to the get started screen.
There is an option named “Enter a New Product Key,” click that to initiate the activation process.
After that, find the 25 characters activation key on your Norton product. It can be found in the CD or DVD packing in the general cases. If you got a Norton retail card, then you may find it printed on it and the retail card comes with offline product purchase. Gently scratch the Norton product key sticker to reveal the characters under it.
Once you find the activation key, make sure to enter it on the activation portal.
Press “>” to redeem the activation key and claim the Norton subscription. By doing so, you can easily activate the McAfee subscription.
Post the Norton activation, You will be presented with the program’s Terms and Conditions.
After reading the Terms and Conditions, hit the Agree option.
Now Accept the Norton renewal policy if you want to renew your current plan each year automatically.
You will now see the payment webpage and there you will have to fill the billing address along with your credit card details.
Press the “Agree and Continue” button.
Press the Continue link.
Reinstalling Norton Antivirus
if you are already running the old version of Norton, then you should reinstall the software with the latest version. In the newest version, you will get better features and improved security services. Here’s how to reinstall Norton:

Visit on your favorite internet browsing software and then find the Norton Remove and Reinstall the program. It is a tool made for removing previous Norton programs from your machine.
Download the tool and then locate the NRnR file on the Downloads folder by double-clicking on it.
Press the Agree option to continue into the process.
Hit the Remove and Reinstall switch.
On the next screen, press either Continue or Remove option. (This option may vary in different countries and devices.
Restart your device to see the changes.
Follow the onscreen prompts to install the newer Norton version.